It all starts here

With a pencil.


Check what can i do for you
and your business

Interior Design

From design to completion, specifying each detail to suit the place, the space and the people.

Graphics Design

Let’s talk logo, publication, online portfolio, ad or campaign. If it’s personal to you, it’s personal to me.

Event Design

Your special day is my special day. Whether a small get together or a big reception, it’s all a party!

Concept Consulting

Take a step back, look at the bigger picture and conceptualize before realize your brand. 

Why choose L7 ?

It’s all personal, uniquely designed and curated for each project, for each client, for you. 

– Lefteris –

I am very pleased with the outcome of the office. It is exactly how I wanted it. Day 1 of using the office was amazing. Exceeded expectations. Thank you for the effort on this space.
Jawad B.
Gezairi Transports
Thank you for translating your genius into art design for my office.
Michael Virardi
MRV Simple Techniques

My special project

For this project we have collected misprints, drafts and scraps and gave them a second purpose

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